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Modernize and build a concrete foundation for your Automotive Workshop

Make a Cost-Effective, Long Term Investment today.


Streamline Repeatable Business Processes

OASIS On Demand for Workshop Automation streamline people-based activities and track their progress. It helps to automate repeatable business activities involving document management and enables companies to standardize and eliminates time-consuming, costly and error prone manual routines and simplifies business practices, allowing companies to realize significant increase in productivity and operational efficiency.


Tighter Relationships with Business Partners

OASIS On Demand for Workshop Automation includes suppliers and surveyors within the workflow to collapse the supply chain and reduce time lags and empowers people to quickly receive, analyze and act upon time-sensitive information and tasks. OASIS On Demand improves collaboration and streamlines transactions help providing everyone with immediate

Retain Operational Knowledge

Companies can lose important operational knowledge if key personnel are absent, reassigned or leave. This information void can be costly, time consuming and result in unnecessary delays. OASIS On Demand helps companies retain operational knowledge by automating workflow steps which helps ensure that vital information is retained within the company.

Fast Deployment and Affordable Ownership

OASIS enables companies to achieve a substantial Return On Investment (ROI) by providing rapidly deployable process automation that eliminates time consuming, costly manual routines. OASIS makes it affordable for small to medium size automotive workshops to automate and improvise to deliver a high, measurable ROI.

Business Befits

OASIS provides easy access, accurate information across all areas of your business and helps you realize the following benefits:

–    Standardize Operation
–    Simplify Workflow
–    Improve Productivity
–    Faster Return On Investment (ROI)
–    Reduces Cost
–    Fast Deployment
–    Reduce Time Lags

Reduce Costs

Maintaining your own infrastructure involves major ongoing expenses:

– Servers
– Software licenses
– Space
– Energy
– Ventilation and Air Conditioning
– Maintenance costs for software and hardware equipments
– Labor Costs

Those costs increase each your. With OASIS, expenses are manageable, affordable and a smarter long term investment.


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In today’s dynamic F&B industry, you need to harness the best possible and yet affordable technology to keep up with daily operating demands and critical decision-making.

With OCARIA® POS for Restaurant, you can do just that.


OCARIA® POS is a comprehensive point-of-sales (POS) system software solution providing a full suite of features tailored to meet the requirements of restaurant operations of all sizes and nature – be it casual dining, fine dining, fast-casual, cafes, bars or bistros.

Accomplish an efficient workflow.

OCARIA® POS helps you streamline daily operations and standardize processes. By eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks, our solution lets improved productivity and operational efficiency become a reality in your business.

Know how your business is doing, real-time.

OCARIA® POS allows easy access to information across all areas of your business. Our solution lets you monitor your sales and inventory in real-time, enabling you to make quick decisions in day-to-day operations.

Keep your information secure.

With multiple built-in security features, OCARIA® POS assures your information and assets are safeguarded. Our software also keeps track of vital activities happening in your operations, so you don’t have to.

Take comfort in simplicity.

With its clean and logical interface, OCARIA® POS is designed for the average person, with simplicity and accessibility kept in mind. A gentle learning curve means that employees spend less time figuring out technicalities, leaving them to focus on serving your customers.

Grow your business.

Whether you operate an independent restaurant or multiple chains, the scalability of OCARIA® POS ensures that it will evolve with your business. Our modular solution can be expanded to meet the demands of your operations.

Point-of-Sales (POS)

OCARIA® POS for Restaurant automates the daily processes involved in your restaurant's operations using the latest technologies. With the touchscreen Point-of-Sales (POS) interface, servers can easily manage tables, orders, and bills, view and print real-time sales reports, as well as communicate with kitchen staff. Digital records of all information entered are kept in the system and easily retrievable, thus reducing human error and time spent on manual checking.


The robust Kitchen module helps you establish a clear line of communication between servers and kitchen staff. Support for multiple printers and an optional touchscreen kitchen display ensure that chefs are kept updated with customers’ requests.


Our desktop-based Backoffice application is fully integrated with the POS and Kitchen modules and serves as the backbone of the OCARIA® POS solution. Manage menus, inventory, loyalty programs, staff information and more, through one easy-to-use application which can be installed on any computer. The powerful and flexible reporting function allows you to view reports from any time period and export them to Excel format for manipulation.

OCARIA® POS for Restaurant is a scalable distributed system capable of supporting F&B businesses with multiple outlets. Whether you need 2 or 20 POS terminals, OCARIA® POS is flexible enough to expand based on your business needs. The diagram below is an example of how the system might be deployed in a restaurant with two outlets.